• 1The Concept
  • 2The Philosophy
  • 3The Targets
  • 4The Company
  • 5Products to The Stores
  • 6Quality Assurance
  • 7Τhe Contact
  • 8The Know-How
  • 9Τhe Store TO PAGOTO
  • 10The Yobar Store
  • 11The Steps to Success
  • 12The Franchise Contract
  • 13The Financial Data for Stores

The Concept

Pure and top quality ingredients and mainly fresh milk, a touch of imagination and a great deal of knowledge, combined with passion, love and hard work. The result: TO PAGOTO, with more than 200 secret recipes of special flavors, which are unique and unconventional and have the power to travel someone back in time, reminding childhood memories.

The idea behind the creation of TO PAGOTO was born in 2008, when Sotiris Tsichlopoulos decided to expand his knowledge on the traditional ice-cream recipes he used to prepare with his mother when he was young, through being admitted into Carpigiani Gelato University of Bologna. His presence in this international educational center in Italy offered him the first prize for innovation and opened new creative horizons for the preparation of more than 200 unique delicious ice-cream recipes so far, made of fresh milk.

TO PAGOTO became part of the food industry in 2009, with a store located on the hottest street of the southern suburbs of Athens. In a very short time it became the pleasure point for swarms of young as well as elderly people, who became fervent fans of the velvet texture of the Lila Pause, Mastic Cinammon, Maltesers and Ferrero Rocher scoops, which cause addiction. Smells coming from homemade king size cones and waffles with hot milk chocolate are leading to the comfortable retro store of Zissimopoulou Street, offering an enjoyable break from the fast pace of modern life.

TO PAGOTO became international in 2014 with production facilities in Australia Sydney at 301 Victoria Road Marrickville, Dubai- UAE at European Business center, and Africa Lusaka- Zambia Pending.

TO PAGOTO announce the construction in 2015 of new Export facilities at Crete in Greece with the know how of which is produced from pasteurized sheep and goat’s milk.

TO PAGOTO is entering in 2011 the wholesale market with a strong network in Greece of 350 locations, also announce for the 2015 the new concept with Gelato Cups in all of Sizes for the convenience stores.

With Global variety of customers TO PAGOTO is adjusting to each country’s tradition and unique flavors.

TO PAGOTO is a unique concept and constitutes a golden franchise opportunity for every city. The low investment cost in comparison with the high profit margins that this store can have, renders TO PAGOTO an extremely attractive proposal for the creation of a successful business. These advantages, combined with the increasing demand and consumption of ice-cream and frozen yogurt throughout the year, have led the company to create two different types of stores, suitable for the needs of each area.

It’s certain that in both versions, TO PAGOTO constitutes a unique business proposal with major perspectives, due to the innovation and flexibility it offers as a concept, which can be adapted according to the facts of each local market and each business expectation.

The Philosophy

Our philosophy consists of principles that have established TO PAGOTO as the most tasteful habit for the young and the old, who visit our store in order to enjoy its countless, impressive and qualitative flavors.

Our absolute respect towards the consumer, whom we treat as a human above everything else and to whom we have every reason to be kind, hospitable and responsible, always leads us to the strict selection of the best staff members, as well as the purest ingredients for the products we offer.

We have a deep knowledge of the ice-cream as a product and we are doing this job with love and passion for perfection, providing flavors for all consumer groups. We offer Regular, Low Fat, No Fat, Gluten Free , Sugar Free or Halal and Kosher products for consumers who desire and Orcanic flavors. These flavors can be even rare, of zero calories, Stevia-containing, suitable for B-type diabetic people, or just water-based with no trace of milk, for consumers with lactose intolerance.

The Targets

To create a healthy network of modern and impressive selling points, with perspectives of development, both in the domestic and international market.

To produce and offer an always fresh, tasteful, pure and qualitative ice-cream, by using only natural ingredients and by making widely accessible to the public the excellent ice cream and frozen yogurt, which are made of fresh milk, not powders and chemical substances.

To connect the customer’s conscience with our brand name and moments of unique pleasure, due to the innovative and constantly enriching variety of exceptional, rare, outstanding flavors, produced exclusively with fresh milk, fresh cream and fresh eggs that only TO PAGOTO can offer.

To offer consumers the possibility to enjoy pure and healthy ice-cream in an original, friendly and hospitable environment, where they will be able to relax and meet regularly.

To achieve high profits, by creating a financially healthy working environment for everyone, from the company shareholders to the store employees.

To operate our business with social awareness and with respect towards the human and the environment, thus actively contributing to a higher living standard both in Greece and abroad.

The Company

The company now has 4 franchised stores and is cooperating with 82 other stores as a shop-in-shop. It has a modern ice cream laboratory, while in the following months it is investing in a new privately-owned production unit, which meets, as always, all the modern requirements of sanitation and technology.

The fast spreading of the company’s network is due to the implementation and development of an efficient and flexible store model, which yields high profits and enables the company to offer unparalleled advantages to its partners, from the choice of selling point to its full operation.

The soul of a food products company is the Chef. Behind the unique flavors that cause addiction, lies the international Artigionale Gelato Chef, Sotiris Tsichlopoulos. Being innovative in his early creations, he ranked 3rd in the Global Ice cream Competition in 2011, which was conducted in HORECA with the participation of world-class Chefs as members of the judicial committee. Having many distinctions by the Carpigiani Gelato University, with the most recent one being in Vicenza, where he presented his new creations in ice cream sticks and flavors like Macaron, Sotiris Tsichlopoulos creates products that cover our every gastronomical demand. He’s new project in 2015 xis the announce the Gelato flavors with the Certification of Halal an Kosher.

Products to The Stores

For the assurance of top quality of the products that the company TO PAGOTO produces, it has developed a complete integrated quality system, applied on the whole range of production, in order to be certain about the safety of its products.

It follows a certified quality assurance system for its products, which is a combination according to ISO 22000,BRC (British Retail Consortium) ISO 22000:2005 IFS and HACCP standards. Furthermore, it has control laboratories with top notch equipment and scientific staff, specialized in conducting these controls.

Quality Assurance

Daily ice-cream of high quality in 200 different flavors, made of fresh milk and fresh cream, prepared according to traditional recipes, such as Easter Bun, Crème Brulee, Bubble Gum, Lila Pause, Maltesers, Snickers, Pop Corn, Ferrero Rocher, Pavlova, Tiramisu, Profiterole, Espresso, Chocolate Sorbet, Banana Split, Cheese Cake, Honey Bun, Papadopoulos Biscuit, Chios

Mastic Gum with Cinnamon, Mosaic with Grand Marnier, Olive Oil and Basil.

Frozen yogurt of velvet texture in 150 different flavors, made of fresh drained yogurt, prepared according to traditional recipes similar to those of the daily ice-cream.

A variety of carefully selected sweets prepared according to exclusive recipes and made of fresh ingredients, without the use of cold cream powders or deep-frozen food products, such as Soufflé, Apple Pie, Cheese Cake and Banoffee.

Homemade freshly baked king size cones with white chocolate and truffle or dark bitter chocolate, prepared according to an exclusive recipe.

Homemade freshly baked crunchy ice-cream waffles with nutella and grated biscuits, prepared also according to an exclusive recipe.

Complete variety of coffees (Limited Edition) and cold drinks, such as milkshakes, juices and the pure ice smoothies of exclusive recipes, such as Cherry, Strawberry, Banana, Banana with Honey and Cream Cookies.

Carefully selected snacks of the highest quality.

The Contact

Our contact with the customer plays a very important role in the philosophy of our company. Modern spaces, designed with a playful, retro mood, colors and minimal aesthetics are the perfect match for what we offer, as the nature of the ice-cream is connected to our childhood memories and it still remains the most desirable delicacy that can carry us away both in winter and summer.

The fast and friendly service from the smiling staff behind the ice-cream counters or at the table, completes our beautiful communication with our customers. The possibility that we offer them to choose their own ingredients and to create the ice-cream they want to enjoy on their own, tends to become a trend. They can choose among cones and waffles which are baked in the store in front of them, or simple ice cream paper cups and many flavors of fresh frozen yogurt, and they can select the quantity they want by themselves and garnish with the toppings that match best, so as to perfectionize their tasty “sin”.

Harmony and a pleasant and familiar environment are the result of our working relationships, which are ruled by understanding, sense of honour and spirit of agreement. Only in this way are we able to create spaces that offer the sense of relaxation to those who choose to make our store their favorite meeting point, for tasty escapes and coffee as well.

The Know-How

Low investment cost in comparison with the high profit margins that the store can have.

Selection of the location of the store and viability evaluation. Development of special financial study concerning the estimation of the profitability of the investment.

Full support, from the signing of the franchise contract to the complete operation of the store.

Consolidation of exclusive rights for the franchisee into a specified geographical area.

Provision of “turn-key solutions” (architectural study for the correct space utilization, organization and supervision of the construction, decoration that secures the uniformity of the store network, suitable furnishing, supply of fixed equipment at favorable prices and guarantees, granting of store operation license).

Integrated system for the foundation, operation and management of the store.

Provision of all the operation manuals, according to ISO 9001:2008 and 22000:2005 standards.

Full variety of high quality products.

Assessment of prospective employees, for finding the most appropriate staff.

Training and constant retraining of the franchisee and the staff in matters of service, products, reduction of operational costs, working relationships, management of the warehouse, customer service etc.

Updating on variables, such as market, sanitary and employment regulations etc.

Free off charge marketing support with promotion campaigns for new products, new stores etc.

Participation of special partners in the staff meetings for further training in matters of marketing, public relations, professional profile and spreading of the philosophy of positive thinking and good mood at work.

Selection of the best suppliers, in order for us to secure the high quality and uniformity of the products that the network stores offer, and to ensure low prices and the best and fastest service possible.

Daily communication, during the operation of the store, through an advanced system which controls electronically the condition of the stores, the products and the services they offer, while keeping records and evaluating the business performance through a statistical program.

Top management system which secures the full control of the warehouse, supplies, general expenses, payrolls etc.

Reporting system with statistical analysis of the sales.

Constant research for further development and improvement of the products and services offered.

Regular operational controls and mystery shopping.

Rewarding policy for the stores and the employees with high performance records.


All our stores follow the model of a comfortable, retro space, which offers frozen flavors unique in quality and constitutes a daily street pass and meeting point for the young and the old alike. Their staff is friendly and perfectly trained, while it always provides costumer services in a good mood and with kindness.

It is the biggest type of store. It can sell products both through dine-in and take away service. In order for a store to be called TO PAGOTO, it must cover an area of at least 100 m² and it must have a minimum number of 60 seats. It must also be centrally located, it must remain open all year long and it must offer a complete variety of frozen flavors.

The Yobar Store

It can sell products only through take away service. In order for store to be called yobar, it must cover an area of up to 40 m² without any seats. Out of the variety of products, the yobar store offers only frozen yogurt and ice smoothies.

The Steps to Success

Meeting and provision of information about the concept by a development counsellor of TO PAGOTO, who will provide a detailed presentation of the business proposal and resolution of the possible queries of the prospective franchisee. Completion of the cooperation application form by the prospective franchisee.

Evaluation of the prospective businessman’s application, with regard to the fulfilment of the required conditions for cooperation, the capability of financing the total investment, as well as his/her credit background.

Signing of a preliminary contract, where the geographical areas that constitute the subject of common interest are specified, as well as the time frame provided for the realization of the investment.

Spotting the location of the business by the prospective businessman or a collaborating real estate agency and approval by the parent company.

  • Setting up of the franchisee company.
  • Signing of the franchise contract.
  • Architectural study of the space.
  • Granting of store operation license.
  • Initial communication and promotion of the brand within the specified geographical area.
  • Ordering of mechanical equipment, preparation utensils, refrigerators etc.
  • Construction and decoration of the store.
  • Staff hiring procedures.
  • Training of the franchisee and the staff.
  • Supply of raw materials in order for the store to start its operation.
  • Final preparations of the space and the staff.
  • Opening of the store.

The Franchise Contract

It is the bilateral legal contract between the franchisor and the franchisee, where the clear terms of their cooperation are described in detail, including their rights and obligations. The franchise contract provides the franchisee with the right to use the trade mark for a specific period of time. It secures exclusive rights within a specified geographical area and determines the operational requirements of the store, based on the philosophy and quality standards created and implemented by the franchise system TO PAGOTO.

Required Space: from 100m² from 100m²
Initial Investment from 1.800€/m² from 1.800€/m²
Entry Fees 20.000€ 20.000€
Royalties 4% 4%
Months needed for return of capital (estimation) from 12 from 12
Minimum staff members: 5 2
Number of company stores: 1 1
Number of franchise / license stores: 4/82 4/82
Duration of the contract (years): 12 12