Ice Cream

Daily ice-cream of high quality in 200 different flavors, made of fresh milk and fresh cream, prepared according to traditional recipes, such as Easter Bun, Crème Brulee, Bubble Gum, Lila Pause, Maltesers, Snickers, Pop Corn, Ferrero Rocher, Pavlova, Tiramisu, Profiterole, Espresso, Chocolate Sorbet, Banana Split, Cheese Cake, Honey Bun, Papadopoulos Biscuit, Chios Mastic Gum with Cinnamon, Mosaic with Grand Marnier, Olive Oil and Basil.


Frozen yogurt of velvet texture in 150 different flavors, made of fresh drained yogurt, prepared according to traditional recipes similar to those of the daily ice-cream.

Homemade Cones and Waffles

Homemade freshly baked king size cones with white chocolate and truffle or dark bitter chocolate, prepared according to an exclusive recipe.

Homemade freshly baked crunchy ice-cream waffles with nutella and grated biscuits, prepared also according to an exclusive recipe.


A variety of carefully selected sweets prepared according to exclusive recipes and made of fresh ingredients, without the use of cold cream powders or deep-frozen food products, such as Soufflé, Apple Pie, Cheese Cake and Banoffee.


Complete variety of coffees (Limited Edition) and cold drinks, such as milkshakes, juices and the pure ice smoothies of exclusive recipes, such as Cherry, Strawberry, Banana, Banana with Honey and Cream Cookies.