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The store TO PAGOTO

All our stores follow the model of a comfortable, retro space, which offers frozen flavors unique in quality and constitutes a daily street pass and meeting point for the young and the old alike. Their staff is friendly and perfectly trained, while it always provides costumer services in a good mood and with kindness.

It is the biggest type of store. It can sell products both through dine-in and take away service. In order for a store to be called TO PAGOTO, it must cover an area of at least 100 m² and it must have a minimum number of 60 seats. It must also be centrally located, it must remain open all year long and it must offer a complete variety of frozen flavors.

The yobar store

It can sell products only through take away service. In order for store to be called yobar, it must cover an area of up to 40 m² without any seats. Out of the variety of products, the yobar store offers only frozen yogurt and ice smoothies.